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DR. CHRISTOF SCHÜRMANN - Business Consultant

Dr. Schürmann, a renowned operational strategist, expertly combines generative AI with classic methodologies in sales operations. His rich academic and professional background establishes him as a leader in driving operational efficiency and effectiveness.




Innovative Synergy

Dr. Schürmann specializes in synthesizing generative AI with proven business strategies, creating a unique blend that drives forward-thinking solutions.

Commitment to Clarity and Precision

Precision in strategy and clarity in communication form the pillars of Dr. Schürmann's approach, ensuring operational strategies are effectively realized and aligned with client objectives.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Dr. Schürmann is dedicated to empowering clients by sharing in-depth knowledge and insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and implement effective strategies.

Responsive Adaptability

Understanding the fluid nature of today's business world, Dr. Schürmann offers solutions that are as dynamic and adaptable as the challenges they address.

  • Spearheaded a pioneering project integrating machine learning with digital twin technology in the steel industry, setting a benchmark for innovative quality control and production efficiency.

    Led transformative digitization projects in the public sector, moving from manual to advanced system-driven processes, enhancing integration with IT financial management systems.

    Championed agile methodologies at a leading technology firm, modernizing sales processes to improve adaptability, responsiveness, and overall performance.

    Directed a multifaceted sales transformation in a major tech merger, significantly impacting sales organization, engagement models, and operational excellence.

  • Expertly negotiated significant cloud service and consulting contracts, resulting in a 400% increase in annual revenue from a key automotive sector client, demonstrating excellence in surpassing sales targets and effectively managing strategic accounts.

    Spearheaded the generation of lucrative business opportunities, playing an instrumental role in building an opportunity funnel at a top-tier consulting firm. This initiative led to potential contracts exceeding €650 million, paving the way for substantial growth in sectors such as banking, manufacturing, automotive, and logistics.

  • Directed professional services across multiple European regions, building and leading international teams to provide top-notch consulting, implementation, and support services.

    Provided expert management and IT consulting services, focusing on outsourcing, strategy, and project management for a diverse range of industrial and public sector clients.

  • Earned a PhD with a focus on artificial intelligence and object-based technologies, demonstrating a strong foundation in academic research and innovative technological solutions.



PhD in Automated Building Construction using AI and Object-Based Technologies from Ruhr-University of Bochum.

1990 - 2001

Progressed through roles in software engineering and project management, leading to a position as a Business Development Consultant specializing in IT outsourcing for the manufacturing industry.

Founded “Dr. Schürmann Consulting,” providing management and IT consulting services across various industries, including managing projects for full IT outsourcing and network infrastructure renewal.

2002 - 2005
2006 - 2011

Held significant positions such as Manager Implementation Consultancy Automotive EMEA and Business Development Executive, overseeing ERP implementations and cultivating strategic account relationships.

2012 - 2017

Advanced to Director of Professional Services Europe at a software company, followed by strategic and business development roles at a major international IT services company.

Senior Account Manager at leading cloud computing consultancies, responsible for key accounts in the automotive and finance sectors, and a Senior Consultant role leading public sector digitalization initiatives.

2018 - 2023
2023 - Present

Advancing studies in AI at the master's level and revitalizing Dr. Schürmann Consulting with a focus on integrating AI insights into strategic consulting services.

Dr. Christof Schürmann and his wife, Raphaela, enjoy a rich and fulfilling family life. Proud parents of two, their son and his partner have blessed them with the joy of being grandparents to a young boy. Embracing diverse career paths, their children have pursued meaningful roles in education and social work. Residing in Recklinghausen, Germany, the Schürmann household is a harmonious blend of individual passions and family unity.


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