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Tailored Cross-Departmental AI Workshops

Facilitating interactive workshops for collaborative AI technology integration across departments, aligning AI initiatives with business goals to enhance operational efficiency, resulting in a tailored AI integration plan.

Strategic AI Use Case Development

Collaborating with client teams to develop AI use cases is a key consulting activity. It ensures that AI solutions are closely tied to specific business needs and objectives, which is essential for successful AI implementation.

AI Project Supervision and Management

Overseeing AI projects bridges the gap between technical execution and strategic goals. This role is vital in ensuring that AI implementations are not only technically sound but also align with the broader business strategy.

AI Strategy Evolution & Monitoring

Essential in the dynamic AI field, this service focuses on continuous monitoring and adaptation of AI strategies, ensuring they stay effective, relevant, and aligned with evolving business and technological landscapes.

Expertly integrating cutting-edge AI solutions with business strategies to drive innovation and efficiency.

Dr. Schürmann Consulting - Generative AI Consulting


Sales Team and Workflow Digitization

Implementing digitization strategies for sales teams, assessing current workflows, aligning digital tools with team objectives, and guiding efficient implementation.

Customized Sales Process Workshops

Conducting customized workshops to modernize sales & sales operations with digital tools, focusing on enhancing workflows, data management, and CRM systems.

Leadership Development in Sales Operations

Providing targeted coaching for sales leaders, emphasizing skills in analytics, CRM management, and operational strategy execution.

Operational Sales Roadmap Development and Advisory

Collaborating with leadership to develop comprehensive sales strategies and roadmaps, offering ongoing advisory to adapt to market changes and feedback.

In-depth expertise in classic sales & sales operations, enhancing traditional business practices with modern insights.

Dr. Schürmann Consulting - Sales Operations Consulting


Tailored Flex-Time Consulting

Offering 1-2 days per week of flexible consulting engagements, specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses to meet their unique timelines and project needs.

Customized Expertise for Impact

Unique tailoring of each engagement for maximum impact, aligning closely with client's strategic objectives.

Scalable and Adaptive

Adaptable consulting suitable for businesses in various stages, easily scaled to match evolving needs.

Cost-Effective Expert Guidance

Access to high-caliber expertise in a budget-friendly, fractional model, ideal for small to mid-sized businesses.


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